Monday, March 30, 2009

New Lil' Miss Make up Kit coming this week.

This morning Monkey got into my makeup and made a mess of herself. She smeared mascara all over her mouth and chin and lipstick on her nose. It was so cute, I couldn't even be mad. I just bought that mascara too!!

It inspired me for a new scrap kit... I have half of it done, and while I worked on it, I made a scrap of the pictures I took of her.

I hand 'moused' / painted the lipstck and the compact, and I made templates out of both so I can change them up a bit for differant layouts. I will post the lipsticks in the elements, and I am most likely going to post one for a freebie by friday.

The lip stick and compact was the most time consuming, and I used both PS CS2 and PSPXI to make them.... whew! My brain hurts now, but it was worth it.

I especially love the lipstick because it sparkles.

Look at the scrap I made of Neena Monkey , notice the compact mirror has a reflection of her in it? :)


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