Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Face

I have updated Jelly Bean Lane for easier navigation of my goodies and posts, in preparation for more freebies coming up soon. Alot has been going on in the real world and I have not had the time I'd like to give away some fun digi treats.

In the last several months I have worked my weekends at the local farmer's market, going green with my own line of natural body care and candle products. Business was great, but market season is over. With no income coming in from the business I have taken up in home day care for the state. It pays about 300.00 less a month than what I was making during market season. It does pay the bills though, and that's all I care about.

In the last month, alot of my spare time has gone to more fix ups on the house. When my X moved out he left me with a disaster of a house, that was litterally falling apart. Why he refused to fix things is beyond me, and it left a mess to fix physically and financial. However with bits and peaces about three years of doing things as I go, the help from my family and a couple of friends, the house is almost finished. When it's all done, I will definately post pictures before and after. Goes to show, a single mom can manage, but it takes time, patience and work.

well, more soon. Thanks to all for the kind emails and checking in from time to time. Not all of my contact links and things are up or functioning yet, but they will be eventually,,,,, again. and Jelly Bean Lane will one day soon be back to it's former glory with over 1,000,000 hits and thousands of readers and fans.

Lots of Love and Happy Scrapping -

Miss Rachel
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

FREEBIE: 45 Plaid Bows

My poor little family has been sick , yet again. :( So I am behind on my freebies and my kit designs. I am two kits behind right now and don't get me started on how many candles I am trying to pour and catch up on, not including all of the shipments awaiting packaging atm. So, today I designed a new bow template, and with that I have created some beautiful plaid bows. There are 45 bows total with various plaids and solid colors. You'll just love them. They are 700 x 365 pixels, 2000 plus resolution. PNG format! :)

I hope you enjoy them. Please follow TOU and if you do download them, leave me a comment, I'd appreciate it, let me know what you think of them.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Now available for download and is today's FREEBIE, Inspiring Design Digital Scrapbooking eZine.
This issue includes two tutorials on creating die cut shapes and how to make Marrakech flowers and embellishments. With this issue you get two Jelly Bean Lane scrap layout templates, three papers, 1 buttons, two Marrakech flower templates with six shapes each.

Featured designer this issue is CollenK of digital scrapbooking. She has some awesome work I had to brag about.

Download Inspiring design and recieve the templates and mini kit, tutorials and highlight and discover how you can submit your layouts, articles and be a highlighted designer.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

FREEBIE: Easter Mega Kit

For 48 hours only I am giving away my full easter Mega Kit! Hurry and get it while you can. This is a newly released kit for easter 2009. Kit contains tons of papers, embellishments, paper cut outs, candy embellishments, excluded alphas.Before Downloading and using this kit, please Download my full TOU below. Thanks and I hope everyone had a happy easter!

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

What's up with Rachel today!

Good morning my scrappy friends! :) Well I am on day three of my flu/virus/cold - thingie. Not sure what it is, but I feel real yucky! My kiddos came down ill last week, and you know how it goes, Mommy is usually the last to get it but get's a good dose! BLECK!

It's uber windy around here. We live in New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment, and with all of the sand and dirt that's flying around here from the desert dunes, I don't see how that is particularly enchanting and it's stirring up allergies somethin' fierce! lol

Don't you just love this time of year? Spring is here, the grass is getting greener, the wind is picking up! lol My Dolly Parton Roses are starting to bud, I can't wait for them to be in full bloom! I let them bloom out and once it's time for the pedals to fall I collect them, dry them and put them in soap. SOAP? Yes, for my friends and readers who have not seen alot of me in the last couple of years, I started my own product line. For myself and alot of my family members, sensative skin, allergies and psoriasis is a common occurance, and therefore we are unable to use alot of skin care products without it causing a rash. I discovered through trial and error that alot of the problem was Sodium laurel Sulfate, which is a chemical surfactant ( foaming agent), found in engine degreaser, laundry soap, dish soap, bar soap , tooth paste etc. I started making old fashion handmade soap, the way our great grandmothers used to make it , but without the tallow. I use olive oil and goats milk instead. WOW, talk about an amazingly rich lathering and superbly moisturing bar of soap! It's so natural and gentle it can be used on your delicate facial skin, and NO SLS!
Well, after months of formulation and trying new things in the soap I introduced my new product line for sensative skin, true natural skin care about 1 1/2 years ago and Here I am. Working from home, selling my products online and localy and featured in Meryl Norman Cosmetics Studios. :) So , the point is.... my lovely roses go on to another life after they have wilted and their luster has faded. I put them in one of my soaps, Called Victoria and it is absolutely AMAZING! :) You can check out my soaps and other skin care products at .

So it's spring time, and everything is blooming and growing and it's APRIL...... EASTER!!! :) This month I created an Easter Themed kit, which has become pretty popular, already. I have sold several of them and they keep going off my digital shelf like mad. :) So Today, with easter coming this weekend, I am offering a Mini Kit Freebie. Yep! In this freebie download, you will get to sample my easter kit, which will include an easter paper and some cute easter embellishments! So who downloaded and enjoyed the Grab Bag for this week??? Isn't that Mini Kit adorable??? Download the Easter Mini Kit in the next post and I am missing all of the comments.

Also, if you are unfamilur with my downloading agent, I switched to's file folder. I used to use 4shared, and I may switch because for some reason I am not getting picked up my digi free anymore. Anyone know how I can contact maria to tell her that the feed is fixed and I made a change to my file host?

Well, Love, Peace and Chicken Grease guys. See ya on the next download. If you have not aquired a copy of my updated TOU, please download it today! Thanks a bunch. - Rachel

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

FREEBIE: Ultimate Grab Bag

Well, for the last couple of weeks I have been a busy busy busy girl, updating everything, the website, the freebies, all of my kits and papers. It's taking me a little time, but I should have everything in working order again soon and everything listed in the scrap shoppe. WHEW! It's going to be all worth it. I am loving the way the blog is looking and how it all is coming together.

Today I have a very big, special surprise for you all. For today's FREEBIE, I have an ultimate grab bag. This bag includes one of my full kits. It's one of my older kits, but a well sought after one. I hope you enjoy this one, it's adorable.

FREEBIE: Scrappy Cupcake Note Card

Earlier this week I offered a freebie for my new kit Scrappy Cupcakes. The kit will be released in a week or so, until then I am offering another element to accompany the freebie from this week.


My little girl, Neena aka Monkey, loves pinwheels! So I designed some pinwheels to offer in my scrap kits. They turned out adorable and I am working on building matching pinwheels for each one of kits as an addon.
I am offering a FREEBIE pinwheel offer today, for you to check out and try. I animated the one above, the freebie is not animated. These were exceptionally difficult to make and I am working up a template, so if you want a personalized one to match a kit or paper pack you have, just leave a message and email me and we'll put something together.
In this FREEBIE download you recieve two , two toned pinwheels. They are 1000 x 1000 over 2000 dpi for excellence in printing. :)
Download your freebie pinwheels below.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

FREEBIE: New Fancy Curly Gift Bow Sampler

I've been working on these adorable bows for the better part of the day, and I finally perfected them. I will be listing them in my store later this week, but I couldn't hardly wait to show them off to you and offer everyone a sample of them. This freebie download includes on vibrant colored fancy curly gift bow. I think they would be perfect in party layouts, little girls layouts and more. I hope you enjoy this freebie, and I'd love feedback on them.

Have a great day!
Happy Scrapping -

FREEBIE: Scrappy Cupcake Kit Sampler

Today I am offering a cupcake sampler FREEBIE from my upcoming "Scrappy Cupcake" Kit.

This Freebie offer includes 1 scrappy cupcake, 1 paper, 1 twill ribbons and candle sprinkles. I hope you enjoy it, this kit has been alot of fun to make so far. :) The full kit will include 12 themed papers, 6 scrappy cupcakes, 8 twill ribbons and bows, multi-colored sequins, stained wood alpha set, and many other scrappy embellishments..... :)

Until the release of this fun kit, enjoy this FREEBIE sneak peak!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Looking for the Best CHARM Layouts

Available this month in the tutorial section of Jelly Bean Lane, the new issue of Inspiring design will feature a how to step by step tutorial on how to create the "charming" scalloped layout featured on the cover. The Tutorials eZine will be fully downloadable in PDF format , and will include a folder with all the supplies you need to create this pretty layout from Jelly Bean Lane.

I am hoping to feature some of the best layouts with Charms from affiliate blogs, so if you have a layout you would like featured in the eZine, please leave a comment with your blog URL. If your layout is featured in the magazine, full credit of the designer will be listed, an exerpt from the blog featuring the layout, a link to the blog and the blog owner will recieve the code and download to place on their blog to show off.

Something fun and new from Jelly Bean Lane to make the process of learning how to digital scrap fun and get everyone involved in our Online Scrappers Community. :)

I look forward to hearing from you.

- Rachel

Friday, April 3, 2009

New Embellishments!

New Curly Ribbon Pencils will be listed on the Scrap Shoppe This afternoon.

Drum Roll....and another FREEBIE!!

Since yesterday I started the works of a new element to add to my kits. Pencils are way cool, especially if you can customize them to fit your scrapbooking layouts.

I had seen a couple of pencils floating around on the net, and I wasn't happy with them. They looked nice, don't get me wrong, and kudos to the designers that had created them, but I was looking for something with more detail and could be customized.

I began with prototype 1. It was a little sketchy and looked like a pencil, but looked more like a cartoonish pencil.

Then I started prototype 2, learning from my mistakes from the first and I turned out the freebie I posted last night.

And now.... the final one. I am happy with this pencil and have made it into a PSP template, and currently working on an ADOBE template.

The templates will be available in the store later on, but I am offering a freebie download today of one pencil, and one embellished pencil. The embellished pencil is cute, it shows what you can do with two of my elements, the curly ribbons bow and the pencil. Together they make an adorable scrap.

FREEBIE: Curly Ribbons Bow Sampler

These adorable Curly Ribbons Bows will accent your layouts beautifully. This set matches my upcoming release "Lil' Miss Make Up" Mega Scrap Kit, and for a limited time, I am offering one of these pretty curly ribbon bows free to sample. Dimensions are 1200 pixels W x 940 pixels H. Perfect for resizing to fit any layout and prints beautifully. Full bow set will be featured in the Scrap Mall for $2.50.
Download the sample bow and enjoy. Happy Scrappin'!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

NEW! Pencil Embellishments. FREEBIE!!

Today, I mouse drew some pencils, I thought they would be great in back to school layouts. I am working on making a template for them in PSP and in Cs2.

They are 2000 + dpi, so they will be great reprinted and resized for all of your scraps and printing. Included in this sampler pack is 4 official Jelly Bean Lane Pencil embellishments in four designs. Included 1 pink sparkle pencil, 1 pink Polka Dot Pecinl, 1 yellow doodled dragon fly and 1 candy shop striped pencil. The Candy Stripe and the Pink Polka dot are officially 2 new add-ons to the new candy shop kit! FREE, for this week only. Download while you can. Click the image for a larger more detailed veiw.

Download the pencils on the freebie page and find many other cool scrap freebies, Located to the left of the Navigation Bar.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Copyright Notification

I have officially recieved my government issued copyright. There will be an update in the TERMS of use page.

There will not be any major changes, the freebies will remain the same, for personal use only and not for commercial use as before, however, when posting scraps, layouts, tags etc. using official Jelly Bean Lane graphics, the copyright and/or credit must be presented in the post, on the graphic, or on the page.

Official copyright is as seen on the website and in my tou...

as follows:

©Jelly Bean Lane, Rachel Dobbs

GRRRRR! Java Script!

For the last several days I have been dividing my work time between ebay, soaps 'n suds, graphics designs and updating and rebuilding Jelly Bean Lane. For the most part JBL has been taking up all of my work space, particularly rebuilding the look and feel of the website all together.

Javascript makes Rachel a very cranky girl, and it has not been kind to me.

I will be posting up my FAQ page pretty soon, so if you have trouble with the Blog Archive.....look there.

I sat here for the most part of today scratching my head, trying to figure out what I did wrong on my coding.... When I clicked an archive it brought me back to the home page.

I was thinking in the formats of HTML and not Java. SOOO.... I finally figured out it wasnt a problem with my coding, I was navigating wrong.

Jelly Bean Lane is not the typical HTML website where you click a link and it takes you an entirely differant page.

Jelly Bean Lane IS a Java Scripted page, and it looks like there are several pages when in fact there is only one.

So to navigate through the archives, select the month or the tag you want to view, this will take you to the "home" page, then click blog on the navigation bar again and Voila! There you are, in the archive you selected.

I'm mad now that it gave me a headache. So I am going to take a bath and relax.

More later on....

OH and I have my comments enabled again.

I Hate Java, I really do.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Freebie of the Week

Click the image for a larger image to see detail.

For a limited time this week only, I am offering a sneak peak of my newest graphic available in my upcoming "Lil ' Miss Makeup" scrap kit. The kit should be released on the Jelly Bean Lane main Digi Scrap Mall page for $7.99 friday or sooner.

I have created 1 set of specially designed makeup embellishments free for this week only! Download it while you can, because the other sets will only be available on the digi scrap mall, or in the Lil Miss Make up Mega Kit.

This set is really cute, and I will feature full sets of differant styles in the embellishments later on.

Download the full set, 1 nail polish, 1 lipstick + cap and 1 compact. My picture is on this compact to show something you can do with it, but the compact you recieve has an empty mirror.

Leave me a comment on the CHAT section on the navigation bar. I do appreciate it.

PSP Taggers and Digi Scrappers, please follow terms of use. thnx.

Donations are welcomed and appreciated. :)

New Lil' Miss Make up Kit coming this week.

This morning Monkey got into my makeup and made a mess of herself. She smeared mascara all over her mouth and chin and lipstick on her nose. It was so cute, I couldn't even be mad. I just bought that mascara too!!

It inspired me for a new scrap kit... I have half of it done, and while I worked on it, I made a scrap of the pictures I took of her.

I hand 'moused' / painted the lipstck and the compact, and I made templates out of both so I can change them up a bit for differant layouts. I will post the lipsticks in the elements, and I am most likely going to post one for a freebie by friday.

The lip stick and compact was the most time consuming, and I used both PS CS2 and PSPXI to make them.... whew! My brain hurts now, but it was worth it.

I especially love the lipstick because it sparkles.

Look at the scrap I made of Neena Monkey , notice the compact mirror has a reflection of her in it? :)

How to Find the Freebies

The Freebies won't be listed in the blog link anymore.

To find the freebie download, please click the freebies link on the floating navigation bar to the left of the page. I will list freebies every week or so.

Also, if you have freebies to offer and want your blog noted here, please go to the CHAT link of the navigation bar, and enter your information on the CBOX. I will post those freebie listings on my blog.

Also, the only thing I request, is that you add my banner to your page, with an active link back to

Add my banner to your website or blog and I will add yours to my banner exchange page, also found on the navigational bar.

Lots of Hugs....


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